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Supporting Children’s Speech, Language & Communication


Learners will gain an awareness of how a child’s speech, language and communication develop in their lifetime. They will learn how to work effectively within their organisation to support this development.


At the end of the session the learner will be able to:

  •  Outline the various types of communication methods manifested by people
  •  Explain the different levels of development and be able to identify when there is a need to be met
  •  Demonstrate ways in which they can support a child’s development in these areas and describe ways in which these can be successfully overcome

Duration:    3 hours

Course content:

  •  Communication in all its’ forms (verbal, non-verbal etc.)
  •  A child’s rights to communication
  •  The different stages of a child’s development in speech, language and communication
    •  12 months to 5 years
  •  Identifying the needs of children and recognising how we can meet these needs
  •  How can we aid the development of speech, language and communication?
    •  Positive relationships
    •  Enabling environments
    •  Equipment and aids
    •  Removing barriers

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