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Preventing Bullying in our Childcare Settings


Learners will clearly understand the importance of eliminating bullying within the childcare sector, and the methods by which this can be successfully achieved


At the end of the session the learner will be able to:

  •  Define the term ‘bullying’ and be able to recognise a variety of ways in which this can be manifested
  •  Explain the reasons why children may bully other children
  •  Create a new or improve an existing anti-bullying policy
  •  Outlines ways in which they can successfully impart the anti-bullying message

Duration:   3 hours

Course content:

  •  What is bullying?
  •  Recognising the signs of bullying – perpetrator and victim
  •  Describe the effects of bullying – physically and psychologically
  •  Contributory factors that can lead to the development of bullying tendencies
  •  How we can prevent bullying in the childcare setting
    •  Teaching children appropriate social skills
    •  Increasing self-esteem
    •  Create a comfortable play and learning environment
    •  Encouraging positive two-way communication
  •  Legislation relating to the childcare sector
  •  Encouraging a positive parent-staff relationship in order to achieve a successful outcome

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