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Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP)

Food safety is a major concern in the UK with many thousands of cases of food related illnesses being reported to the authorities each year.  Many millions of cases still go unreported. Food Safety Law requires all proprietors of every food business to ensure that each stage of food production, from when it is grown on the farm until eaten off the plate, is entirely safe throughout the whole process. Management strategies include identifying specific hazards (physical, chemical, biological and allergenic) and doing as much as possible to remove the hazards and reduce the risk of any harm occurring. These management strategies can be very in-depth for more complex processing food businesses or very simple principles for less complex businesses e.g. using the Safer Food Better Business Catering system devised by the Food Standards Agency

The Food Standards Agency Hygiene Ratings scheme is driving standards higher and making customers more aware of the required levels of food hygiene and management and are more likely to visit premises that have a higher rating. Enforcement officers are especially concerned about the lack of ‘management systems’ and the risks associated with poor hygiene such as cross-contamination

  • Why not call our Food Safety Consultant and explore ways in which he can assist you with your food safety policy and risk assessment process in order to become safer ,more competitive in the catering industry and compliant with your local authority hygiene standards
  • With many years of experience working with Marks and Spencer Plc and the Health and Social Care sector, our consultant can provide invaluable assistance giving you the confidence that you are keeping your customers safe and complying with the law

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