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Needle Stick/Sharp Injury and Blood Borne Diseases

To highlight the continuing necessity for employees who may be exposed to the risk of blood borne viruses and injuries from ‘sharp’ objects (including used hypodermic needles) to protect themselves and respond appropriately in the event of an incident/accident.


Learners will be able to explain:

  • The significance of blood borne viruses as an Occupational Health factor
  • The importance of carrying out and observing control measures highlighted in workplace risk assessments
  • The importance of responding quickly and appropriately in the event of a ‘sharps’ injury

Course Content:

  • Health and Safety legislation and Occupational Health. Management, employees and manufacturers’ responsibilities
  • Current statistics regarding ‘sharp injury’ and subsequent infections
  • Physiology, pathogens and routes of entry into the human body
  • The human immune system and ‘prophylaxis’
  • Identification of occupations where ‘exposures’ may occur
  • The purpose of carrying out ‘suitable and sufficient’ assessment of risks
  • Risk reduction through assessment, safe working systems and good hygiene practice
  • The importance of carrying out First-Aid and reporting incidents/accidents immediately


Duration:     2-3 hours

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