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Anyone Can Work in Social Care?

Ensure social care managers recognise the importance of recruiting the right people who will promote the culture of person centred care within the workplace.


At the end of the session the learner will be able to:

  • Explain the importance of selective recruitment in the context of social care provision
  • Explain the term ‘Duty of Care’ and importance of vetting and barring
  • Outline why ‘person centred care’ must always be our objective
  • List some essential qualities and skills required of social carers

Course content:

  • What is Social Care?
  • Key objectives of’ Social Care’ providers
  • Job satisfaction
  • The importance of ‘selective recruitment’ for social care positions
  • What is ‘duty of care’ in moral and legal terms?
  • The unacceptable side of care
  • The importance of the ‘vetting and barring’ process
  • What is ‘person centred’ care
  • Identifying a positive care culture
  • Desirable characteristics regarding skills and qualities of staff
  • Why should this insight influence selective recruitment?


Duration:    3 Hours




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